Frequently Asked Question’s

How to place an order? 

You may place your order by calling us on our Hotlines Numbers: 

Globe: 0917-597-1199 

Smart: 0998-254-6000 or 0928-5500-643 

Landline: 7987-19-19, or  

Social media pages:  




If you would like to place an order, please send the following details thru our channels:  Name: 

Mobile Number: 

Active Email Address: 


Pick up date and time: 

Do you have delivery service? 

Pick-up of orders from our commissary is available daily from Mondays thru Sundays, from 7:00am 7:00pm 

We highly suggest to book your own delivery and rider via Grab, Lalamove, Mr. Speedy or from any  preferred delivery app. 

Our address:  

(Food Order)GM Buidling, 1269 Batangas St. Corner Guatemala, Makati City  

(Box Order) 43 A. Sandoval Avenue PIN: Tortilliera El Mexicano, Bakefield/Commissary Sandoval Pasig  City 

Why don’t you have delivery?

Before we were able to have our food delivered. As we wanted to serve our clients on time and due to the influx of orders daily, we highly suggest to  book your own delivery to avoid delay of orders. 

Is there a minimum order quantity? 

There is no required minimum /quantity of order.  

What is the lead time if I purchase bulk orders? 

Food with Box Order: Atleast 2-3 days in advance

For Box/Packaging: 7-10 days lead time, upon confirmation and payment.  

Are you open for franchising and reseller? 

You May contact our Customer Representatives and we will be assisting you. 

Can we buy just the box without food? 

We sell box only and we also customise Hotboxes, prior order is required. 

Can we personalize the cover of boxes? If yes, how many days is the lead time? 

We offer customisation of boxes and sleeves with 7-10 days or 2-3 days lead time, depending on the  design, excluding Holidays.  

– Benta Box: 65Php 

– Premium / Half Platter: 75Php 

– Platter: 85Php 

How soon can we order?  

We highly suggest to place your order 2-3 hours in advance thru our Customer Service Representatives.  Available Mondays thru Sundays from 7:00am-9:00pm. 

Can we order the same day? 

We accept same day order/ pick-up. We highly suggest to place your order 2-3 hours in advance thru  our Customer Service Representatives. Available Mondays thru SundaysT from 7:00am-9:00pm 

Does the box comes with heating kit or do we buy it separately? 

All our boxes comes with self- heating mechanism and instructions. We do not sell the self-heating kit  alone.  

We customise boxes for special occasions, prior order is required, 7-10 days lead time depending on the  design. 

Can we put it inside the ref? 

Food with the tray can be placed in the refrigerator. We discourage you to put the Hotbox inside the  tray as it delays the activation of the self-heating mechanism.  

Is the box reusable? 

Our boxes & trays are reusable and recyclable except for the self-heating mechanism which you can use  once. 

How do we dispose the heating kit inside the box? 

You may refer to your local garbage disposal program. Heating kit basin, plastic water pouch and non woven fabric are recyclable. Aluminum Sealing Film is nonrecyclable, thread is reusable while the  heating powder can be collected and added to soil. 

Is the heating kit safe? What is the content?

It is safe and non-toxic. Our heating kit is compliant to Model Toxic in Packaging Legislation or CONEG.  We use quicklime, reference technology has been used by the military for heating their food since  1980’s. The steam generated has been proven safe as tested by SGS. 

Does the steam will be detected by smoke detector? 

Based on testing and several studies by our R&D Engrs. the steam being produced by our heating kit is  the same being produced by a boiling water inside the kettle so it won’t activate smoke detectors.  

Do you ship local and abroad? 

We can ship our Hotboxes within the reach of any courier companies, local or abroad. Corresponding  fees applies depending on the location. For more information on shipment and logistic, you may reach  out to our Customer Service Representatives, Mondays thru Sundays from 7:00am to 9:00pm.